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Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to make call using Your Dongle

 On my previous blog I wrote about how to unlock huawei modem, and I’ going to write at this blog how to enable hidden voice call feature on your (3G, 3.5G) HSPA modem.

First of all you need to check your dongle is support for the voice calling feature. To check you need to download small software from this link. Follow me…

If this voice call feature is disabled in factory setting we are going to enable it.
After downloading is completed run it, make sure close your mobile partner to detect your modem device to the software.
And then display details by this software you have plugged modem on computer like this,
See this screen shot and  it has voice calling feature  is enabled, because I  have unlock and enabled that feature for me.
In your computer it has disabled you can enable it, If you have not supported you modem does not supported for that service.

If you have voice cal feature is disabled now times to enable it, please click server tab appear on DC Unlocker software. And it can unlock your dongle but to dothat require 20euro, but don’t charge enable voice call feature on your dongle,

To do this please enter password and user name as follows

User name - Free
Password – Voice

Then press “check login” DC locker will login and enable your voice feature.

Then go to Unlocking tab on the DC Unlocker and press “Activate Voice” button to activate voice feature on your dongle.

Wait a moment you need to do more one task to make a call by your Dongle, most of dongles come with mobile partner software without call options, you need to download new mobile partner to make a calls with your dongle, download it from this link Follow me…

WARRING :- You are going to update your dongle firmware, it will be happen loss your ISP profile settings, before do this you must write down or backup your ISP profile settings, Remember when you are updating your firmware you must steady power of computer. Because if lost power when updating your firmware your dongle will be damaged, (this will take approximately 5~15 minutes to update).

After updating your new mobile partner, it will appear as follows with voice call feature and other features.

Enjoy you dongle without limitations….

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lupa91 said...

muy buen artiquilo!! felicitaciones por el gran blog

sivaparvathi said...

your article is useful to us and u give lots of information about dongle

thanks u

பொத்துவில் புதல்வன் said...

boss i can not activate voice.
coz cant selecting

Anonymous said...

thanx a bunch man.great work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thusha said...

Thank you for your post.
I was able to active voice facility,
But my mic is not supporting.

ashish said...

after follow urs all steps, User name - Free
Password – Voice

Then press “check login” then messege will be
Error connecting to server !

how it can be resolve.


ashish said...

after follow all these steps to activate voice call. after entering User name - Free
Password – Voice

Then press “check login”
the messege will be Error connecting to server

soofamous.blogspot.com said...

Is there any other mobile partner which can be downloaded to use with Huawei UMG181 such as Huawei MTC?
Plz help.

Dipak Varsani said...

Sir when i am click on activate voice than Dc client 2 show the message "insuficiant balance" and when i am donloding than give error in that archive during starting of installation what i can do now?

Anonymous said...

nice and eassy... thx buddy

Anonymous said...

How can I update the software?

Thilan Sanjeewana said...

Thank you, super

Sandeep Singh said...

Dear Sir Please send me information step by step to enable voice feature for huawei E3276

Valencia Joshua said...

thanks for the tip, very helpful, worked like a charm

Vishal Kumar said...

can we make a video call using this software or not??

lee woo said...

The Soul is the voice of the body's interests. See the link below for more info.


Anonymous said...

dear sir,
Activate Voice button not available for Huawei E3276
please fix this

Craig Curt said...

hi good post it help me alot thanks for you post very useful post

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